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The difference between the method of sampling and the method of tabletting 發布時間:2017-10-09 11:18:26

At present,there are two kinds of sample preparation methods,tabletting method and melting method.

In order to analyze the content of elements in the material,we must first obtain some representative sample material,but it can not be directly measured on the instrument.One reason is that the sample fixture on the spectrometer is fixed in shape,so it is required to process the sample.The method of pressing is that the sample is crushed and pressed into a disk,so that it can be analyzed.

However,both theory and experiment show that there are three kinds of factors that affect the analysis accuracy,such as grain size effect,enhancement effect and mineral effect.

The effect of particle size is that the particle size of sample is different,and the surface smoothness of sample is affected;

The enhancement effect is that when the density of the elements in the sample is large,it will seriously affect the detection accuracy;

The mineral effect is that the elements in the same medium are affected by different structures.Such as diamond and graphite are composed of C,but the structure is different,when measuring,this structural difference affects the accuracy.

In order to solve the above problems,melting method is introduced.

Melting means placing the sample in a dilute flux and heating at high temperature to allow the sample and flux to mix thoroughly and to form a molten sheet similar to glass after cooling.The direct result of this treatment is to dilute the concentration of the element,increase the smoothness of the sample surface,destroy the mineral structure in the sample and form a uniform and uniform structure.Therefore,the grain size effect,the enhancement effect and the mineral effect are reduced.A good piece of film,from the exterior,should be even and transparent,and analyze the smooth surface of the melting piece,but most importantly,the data of the chip should have good repeatability.