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Determination of limestone and dolomite by XRF fusion method 發布時間:2017-10-09 11:17:35

Fused sample preparation.The spectral interferences of coexisting elements were eliminated.The content of SiOz,CaO,MgO,A120,P and Fe20 in limestone and dolomite was determined by XRF fluorescence spectrometry.The analysis result is compared with the standard value of standard material,chemical method and ICP-AES method.The result of determination is in accordance with the national standard.

Limestone and dolomite is an important raw material for ironmaking and sintering,SiO2,CaO,Mso,A1203,Fe203,P205 is an important indicator to judge the quality of limestone,dolomite,fast and accurate analysis of the content of these ingredients is very important.At present,the chemical method is usually used(1.41),the operation is complicated,the analysis cycle is long,and the sample is prepared by pressing and determined by X fluorescence spectrometry.But the matrix interference is serious,and the accuracy of the determination result is poor.This study by the method of melting from vitreous samples,eliminate the mineral structure and the influence of particle size due to Ge;stripping agent in lithium bromide has a small amount of Br remaining in the sample,affecting the determination of A1,the BrLB1 spectral line interference in Al-Kd line correction;using burning melting material samples of limestone and dolomite samples and establish the curve,to achieve the X fluorescence spectrometry method for the simultaneous determination of limestone,dolomite and other 5 kinds of components:SiO.