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A brief overview of the properties of a thermophysical tester 發布時間:2017-10-09 11:15:36

Thermal property tester is mainly for scientific research units,engineering colleges,factories and other industries testing,measuring metal materials,conductive materials,semiconductor,electrode performance parameters.The thermal expansion coefficient,thermal conductivity and resistivity of the material are well measured.

In the full performance analysis of conductive materials,the thermophysical property tester is particularly applicable.Especially for conductivity analysis,expansion coefficient analysis,thermal conductivity analysis and other physical properties can be accurately measured.In addition,it can be used in many fields,such as semiconductor,graphite electrode material,metal material,nonmetal material and so on.

Through the use of advanced computer technology and intelligent instrument technology,thermal property test instrument can carry out real-time detection and control of different parameters,effectively realize the true reflection of the experimental process parameters,to achieve a fast,stable and reliable effect.

In addition to the completion of test control and data processing,all learning and computing functions like thermal conductivity measurement instrument,still keep the computer,because the intelligent instrument involved,the computer can complete many functions of user operation,keep its word processing office system function at the same time,the computer has the function of multimedia operation.The system is flexible and easy to maintain and operate.