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Thermal conductivity tester occupies an important position in the instrument Mar 發布時間:2017-10-09 11:14:14

The heat conduction tester has the advantages of high cost performance,compact size,accurate measurement,wide application and fast measurement.Therefore,once listed,it will soon occupy a place in the precision instrument market.Below,the small book about the instrument in the market development status.

In addition to widely used in thermal insulation materials,thermal conductive adhesives,rubber,plastics,ceramics,soil,rock and other pure materials,thermal conductivity tester can also be used in composite materials.Even if the composite material in different state,such as block,flake,powder,paste and so on,the thermal conductivity of the composite can be measured accurately.

With the development of technology,process improvement,equipment research and development to improve the level of heat conduction,the function of instrument is more intelligent and multifunctional,but also the continuation of the scope of the hot wire method wide,fast measurement,accurate measurement results and other advantages,so the price is higher.

In addition,the instrument also has the advantage of fast measurement.From the preparation test to the data acquisition,it only takes 2~3 minutes.Under the premise that the sample and sensor are connected,the automatic multiple acquisition function in the software can also be used,thus saving time and effort and making the operation more convenient.