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How to realize the precise measurement of heat conduction tester 發布時間:2017-10-09 11:12:10

As a precise instrument,the heat conductivity tester is mainly used to measure the physical quantity of the heat conduction property of the object.The material,structure,and impurity of the material have great influence on the thermal conductivity of the object.Therefore,accurate measurement is very important.

In the instrument design,as the instrument measurement to measure the thermal insulation performance of building materials,thermal conductivity tester using copper plate as temperature control,the measurement accuracy of the heat transfer capacity of material characterization is improved,but also can realize the rapid temperature control.Change the traditional measurement methods because of the low degree of automation,poor versatility and so on,to reduce the accuracy of defects.

With the development of science and technology,the demand for thermal conductivity measurement of new products and new materials increases in industry,agriculture,construction,geology and other industries,and the accuracy is higher and higher.The heat conduction tester adopts the man-machine interface,and displays the cold,hot plate temperature and heat flow power through the large screen liquid crystal display,and the data is clear at a glance,and fully meets the production demand.

In the face of high requirements of scientific research and production,thermal property test instrument using the intelligent control system of thermal conductivity,realizes the intelligent data processing,real-time display of temperature curve,improve the insulation of automation and intelligent material characteristic test,improve the measurement efficiency and accuracy.