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What are the measuring methods for thermal conductivity testers? 發布時間:2017-10-09 11:09:33

There are many measuring methods for thermal conductivity testing instrument.According to different measurement objects and measuring range,the applicable methods are also different.Below,the small series to talk about what measurement methods.

From the heat transfer mechanism,there are two kinds of steady state method and non steady state method.The steady state method of heat conduction test instrument is divided into several kinds,such as plate method,plate protection method and heat flow meter method.Unsteady state method,also known as transient method,includes hot wire method,hot plate method,laser method,and so on.

According to the shape of sample,the measuring method of heat conduction tester is divided into plate method,cylinder method,sphere method,hot wire method,and so on.In addition,there are classification of direct method and introduction method.For example,the thermal diffusivity is obtained by laser method,then the thermal conductivity is calculated according to the density and specific volume.The thermal conductivity and the plate law are used to obtain the thermal conductivity directly.

In principle,the steady state method is the basis for detecting the accuracy of other methods.But in fact,there are too many factors that can affect the accuracy of the steady state method,and the operation is inconvenient.The operators should have strong professional knowledge,so they are less used.